Southwest Florida is lined with beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and non-stop fun. Getting the most Instagram-worthy photos here is all about finding the unique treasures the area has to offer! From boating trips to nature tours, the Instagram potential is limitless. Here are our top 5 picks.

Dome Houses in Cape Romano

If you’re looking for an Instagram shot that’s sure to make all your followers look twice, head down to Cape Romano Island, just south of Marco Island! There you’ll find a truly odd site, the Cape Romano Dome House.

The Dome House was meant to be a vacation home for Bob Lee, a retired oil producer. However, the home didn’t survive hurricanes or rising sea levels and now all that’s left to see is the dome roofs.

Boating In Bonita Bay

Grab your fishing pole and get ready for an epic day of calm waters, great fishing, and selfies with all your friends! Estero Bay is a great spot to go Tarpon fishing in the spring. These fish are catch and release only though, so make sure you get your pictures quick before throwing your catch back in the water!

Bird Watching in The Palmetto Prairie

Get off the beaten path and enjoy the bird songs of the sandhill cranes, red-cockade woodpecker, and swallow-tailed kites! Walking nature tours in Southwest Florida are a great opportunity to enjoy all types of birds and potentially spot other native Florida wildlife.

The Babcock Ranch Preserve offers a free of charge option to explore the palmetto prairie on foot. The walking tour is just over a mile-long adventure through the wet flatwood habitats!

Selfies in a Swamp Buggy

Swamp buggies are a Florida tradition, with swamp buggy racing dating back to 1949. Today, they are a great part of nature tours in Southwest Florida.

Come visit Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours and enjoy a swamp buggy ride through Southwest Florida’s ecosystems while learning about the history, flora, and fauna of the area. You are sure to get some amazing pictures of your ride and the surroundings!

Kayaking Through Mangroves

Southwest Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands is home to stunning mangrove islands that you just can’t miss! If you are up for an overnight adventure, stay at one of the officially designated camping sites and enjoy one of the last remaining dark skies sites in coastal Southwest Florida. With a quality DSLR camera, you’ll capture some amazing views of the stars and Milky Way to share with your friends on Instagram!

Grab Your Camera and Explore

Now that you have some recommendations of where to take awesome Instagram pics, get your cameras and go exploring! Don’t forget to stop by our eco-tours and get a bunch of shots of Florida wildlife in action! We hope to see you soon!