The wildlife tours near you aren’t just fun— they are beneficial for you, the wildlife, and the environment! Here is how going on an Eco Tour can provide amazing benefits to everyone involved:

You’ll See Wildlife Native to the Area

One of the top reasons to take a trip on one of the wildlife tours near you is for the thrill of seeing unique native wildlife! On a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, you have the opportunity to see everything from turtles and deer to osprey and alligators. The Babcock Ranch is even home to a Florida Panther or two —- so keep your eyes peeled!

You’ll Be Helping Preserve Florida’s Natural Habitats

On a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, you don’t need to worry about intruding on the habitat of the wildlife. Babcock Ranch is careful to limit tours and activities to not disturb the wildlife and these wildlife tours actually help sustain the habitats of animals that call Babcock Ranch home! By paying for your tour and learning about new wildlife you are helping to support sustainable tourism.

You’ll Learn the History of the Area Around You

Beyond the wildlife, you’ll also learn a lot about the unique history of Florida on wildlife tours near you. For example, did you know Babcock Ranch has been operating since the late 1800s? However, in 2006, Kitson & Partners purchased the 156,000-acre ranch and sold 80% of the land to the State of Florida and Lee County to preserve more than 73,000 acres of the ranch’s most environmentally valuable areas. It still ranks as the largest single land preservation purchase in state history. However, eco tours are allowed to continue to operate on the property to increase public awareness of local history, wildlife habitats and conservation.

Where to Find Wildlife Tours Near You

Babcock Ranch Eco Tours are located just outside Punta Gorda. Tours include walking tours, swampy buggy eco-tours, and guided nighttime tours. For more information on how to book a wildlife tour near you, head to the Babcock Ranch website. On our website you can learn more about the wildlife on Babcock Ranch, book your tickets, and read reviews from others who have visited!