Trying to get some amazing photographs of birds during your time in Southwest Florida? Here’s how you can capture the perfect shots of all your favorite birds:


 Hang Out at The Local Watering Hole

When we tell you to hang out at the local watering hole to get great bird photos— we’re not talking about the bar! We mean find the bodies of water where your favorite avian creatures like to hang out! For example, the swampy lands at Babcock Ranch are a favorite spot for limpkins, kestrels, spoonbills, and a variety of other bird species to hang out. With so many bird species all in one area, you have access to an array of beautiful photo options! Babcock Ranch even offers a free walking tour so you can explore the wet flatwoods habitats that are home to many of Florida’s beautiful, native birds.


Take A Guided Eco-Tour

It’s hard to look everywhere at once— so enlist in help spotting beautiful Florida birds to capture on camera! Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy eco tours and other specialty tours come with knowledgeable guides who can not only help provide an extra set of eyes but also have a vast knowledge about where to find specific species you may be in search of. To book your Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour, complete with a knowledgeable guide, click here.


 Go To The Same Spot Multiple Times

It may seem silly to take an eco-tour more than once, but it will give you the opportunity to get a variety of shots. Not to mention, the second go around you’ll be prepared at just the right moments with camera in hand because you already know when you are most likely to see a specific bird in its favorite hangout spot. It can also be helpful to take multiple eco tours at different times of day. This allows you to experiment with lighting in your photographs and potentially capture different species of birds in the same area. For example, how about booking a night eco tour to get a totally unique look at birds from the Babcock Ranch Boardwalk and Gator Bridge?


Take A Specialized Photography Tour

Did you know Babcock Ranch offers specialty eco-tours just for photographers? The photographer tour, open to both amateur and professional photographers, begins at 7:30am on the first Saturday of every month. This 2.5 hour, morning, eco-tour covers locations not normally visited during the daily swamp buggy eco-tours. Photographers are even able to exit the swamp buggy in some locations to take photos! To reserve your spot on the next Babcock Ranch Photography Eco Tour, click here.