Babcock Ranch Preserve in Punta Gorda is an ideal spot for avid birders and outdoor enthusiasts to admire some of the native species of birds commonly found in Florida. Our swamp buggy eco-tour is a 90-minute safe adventure that takes you around the ranch and offers a great variety of wildlife spotting including an extensive insight into the history of the preserve. This is a great opportunity to build keen awareness and curiosity in your kids.

In case you are wondering what kind of bird you will encounter on our swamp buggy eco-tour, here is a guide on the native birds you will likely find at Babcock Ranch.

Flamingoes and Roseate Spoonbills

If you are lucky, you might be able to see a Flamingo. They are usually harder to spot than Roseate Spoonbills. While their status as a native bird of Florida continues to be debated, they have been increasing in numbers the last few years.

Flamingos are often mistaken for Roseate Spoonbills because of their pink color. An easy way to differentiate them is by their longer necks and feet, and their downturned black bill.

Roseate Spoonbills are easier to spot all over Florida as they are a native species to the state. The name is a self-explanatory feature of these birds with bills shaped like a long spoon. There is a good chance you will run into these birds on our swamp buggy eco-tour.

Great Egret

Egrets are another species of birds you will likely see in Babcock Ranch shallow waters. The Great Egret is one of our favorites. It is a long-legged bird, with a long neck that curves into an S. The bright contrast between its white body and the yellow bill makes it hard to miss.


Along with shallow water birds, you will come across flocks of wading wild turkeys. These land-baring birds provide kids with the opportunity to get up close with wild native bird species. These birds are often docile when exposed to civilization, but it is important to always stay alert as these are still wild animals.


The western osprey – sea hawk, fish hawk, or river hawk – is a predatory bird that resides amongst water bodies in search of fish. Its predatory instincts paired with its incredible eyesight, make it quite effective at capturing fish. Ospreys can. If you have quick reflexes, you might just be able to catch it in action.

Explore More Bird Species at Babcock Ranch

Come visit Babcock Ranch Preserve and hop on our swamp buggy eco-tour to experience Florida wildlife firsthand. You will see a wide variety of bird species including the ones mentioned here!

Our buggy tour follows COVID-19 protocols as we make an effort to keep all our visitors safe. Book your tour today and see how many birds you can spot!