Ecotourism is a great way to seek out and immerse yourself in the essence of nature. Florida is often visited for shopping sprees, but it is important to acknowledge its biodiversity.

Across the state, you can find swamps, rivers, valleys, forests, hills, and several beaches with dunes. It has breathtaking ecological locations with plenty of nature tours so you can get the history behind it as well.

Ecotourism in Florida

Prioritizing a trip to immerse in the ecological diversity of Florida is a great choice. However, overcrowding in some of these preserved landscapes can be damaging to the environment. Many tourist hotels, resorts, and services have taken initiatives that try to make travels to the state eco-friendlier. Traveling to these destinations is enriching and memorable but it is important that it be at no cost to the flora and fauna or any sentient being that resides within.

For instance, hotels and resorts have made changes around how they function to minimize their contribution to waste and energy consumption. An example is installing solar panels to power buildings and to keep the pools heated. Some resorts offer onsite bicycle rentals to cut down carbon emissions and stay connected with what nature has to offer.

With the state having such an environment for ecotourism you might be wondering which are the best places to visit in Florida. Here we have come up with a list of great spots for ecotourism.


Everglades is one of the most popular locations for an eco-tour in Florida. With several rivers and natural parks that surround this city, it has proven to be a great spot for swamp buggy tours. This can also be a dream location for people who love to paddle boat in swampy rivers and breathe the misty air that fills the forests. There are other options for airboat tours as well.


If you are born to be at the beach, this destination gives you a chance to explore beautiful coastlines with powdered white sand. Wildlife in the form of sea turtles comes to shore in the nesting season. This location is a chance to marvel at pristine freshwater bodies in and around the area.

Punta Gorda

There is a variety of nature tours in Punta Gorda which make it a great town for ecotourism. It offers a variety of nature tours both inland and on the coastline, with countless distances of preserved land. This town is full of history and culture. One of the most famous nature tours in Punta Gorda is Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, voted among the top attraction in Trip Advisor. The preservation in Babcock has resulted in a variety of species inhabiting the area with countless opportunities to interact with Florida wildlife.

Hop on Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy

If you are ready to go on one of the nature tours in Punta Gorda, make sure you hop on our 90-minute swamp buggy tour. We will take you through two main Florida ecosystems found in the Babcock Reserve and will teach you about its history.

You will have many opportunities to see animals such as alligators, deer, boars, and a wide variety of bird species. Check out our recent blogs on the animals you will see at Babcock Ranch and make sure to bring your camera.

Book your tour today and don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy Florida’s flora and fauna to the fullest!