Every day we make choices in our life that affect the environment, climate, and other species. Living sustainably is something many people who are passionate about conservation and the environment try to do to reduce their impact. At Babcock Ranch, our mission is rooted in conservation and preserving the natural environment of old Florida. If you are interested in living more sustainably in Southwest Florida, here are some simple tips of everyday things to make your life more sustainable.

Go Plastic Free

Reducing or eliminating your use of plastic is one of the best ways to start living more sustainably. Because plastic doesn’t ever go away, billions of pounds of plastic can be found in landfills and our world’s oceans. Thousands of seabirds, sea turtles and other marine mammals die from ingesting or getting tangled in plastics. Try to reduce your amount of plastic waste by using reusable bags when you shop, using reusable straws and water bottles, and avoid plastic packaging whenever possible.

Shop Consciously

We all have to buy things to live, and some of us just like to shop. By choosing the shop consciously, we can contribute to a more sustainable environment. While products from animals on endangered species lists are illegal to buy, sell, import, or trade – some products endanger species of animals by threatening their habitat. Do your research on how products are sourced and manufactured to ensure that they are following sustainable practices. Also, pay attention to labels on your products. We recommend purchasing Fair Trade certified goods when possible to support companies dedicated to sustainable production and paying laborers a fair wage.

Reduce your home energy consumption

A great way to immediately start living more sustainably is to reduce your home energy consumption. With solar-powered energy, efficient appliances, and smart homes, you can create an extremely sustainable home environment, but there are also a few simple things you can do right away to bring your energy consumption down. First off, turn off and unplug appliances that you aren’t using. Pay attention to your thermostat settings and set it lower in colder months when you can, or keep windows open instead of using AC. Hang clothes to dry instead of using a dryer. Keep the lights off when you don’t need them and use natural lighting in place of light bulbs when you can.

Garden & Eat Locally

Food consumption makes a huge impact on the environment, and the choices we make with our eating habits can be a great way to live more sustainably. You can try starting a home garden and growing your food like herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Another thing you can do is to eat locally. Large grocery stores consume large amounts of energy to grow and transport all their products. By eating at restaurants and markets that grow and source foods locally you are supporting a more sustainable way of life.

Support the cause

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to live more sustainably is to support the causes around you. Whether it’s supporting them by donating to charitable organizations or using your right to vote on local or nationwide environmental issues, find ways you can use your voice or resources to make a difference. Even simply sharing things on social media or talking to those around you about living more sustainably can make an impact.

Go on A Guided Eco Tour Of Babcock Ranch

If you are interested in sustainability and conservation in Southwest Florida, you would love a guided eco-tour of Babcock Ranch. Babcock Ranch is home to 73,000 acres of environmentally valuable preserved ecosystems in Florida, and we offer guided eco-tours through the region where you will be led by a guide through 4 different ecosystems and see wildlife, led by a guide that has expertise in the area.

Tours are offered 7 days a week from 9 AM to 3 PM – Book today!