Driving around the forested wetlands in a swamp buggy is an enticing experience. Since swamps are transitional zones that constitute both land and water, they inhabit an array of diverse wildlife to experience. The sunshine state of Florida, being one of the most beautiful coastal regions offers magnificent serenity on the swamps, making it a prime location for swamp buggy eco-tours.

Swamp buggies are customized vehicles with a canopy top so that the tourists stay safely above the water. Apart from that, it has giant tractor tires that have enough traction to pass through the swamp. Its design provides an elevated view of the swamp to visitors, along with a powerful engine and shock absorbers that make the drive smooth.

Here we give you a guide to the must-do swamp buggy eco-tours in Florida.

Billie Swamp Safari’s Buggy Eco Tour

Billie Swamp’s buggy eco-tour makes for an unforgettable time at the swamp trail. It’s a chance to experience the evergreen ecosystem of the Everglades. Not only will you get to enjoy the wonders of nature, but also learn a great deal about the Seminole country.

It offers many wildlife sightings that include alligators, hogs, bison, deer, and different species of birds. The tour also offers the visitors a chance to visit a Florida Seminole Indian Camp, in which you can learn a great deal about the Seminole Indian tribe’s rich culture and history. If you plan on going to Everglades, make sure you visit its amazing swamps.

Showcase of Citrus: Swamp Buggy Eco Tour

This swamp buggy eco-tour will give you a sublime integration of wildlife to a gorgeous orange grove. Travel through the beautiful orange groves that blossom seasonally, filling the tour with a citrusy aroma.

Located in Clermont, this organic orange grove is a natural habitat for a bunch of wildlife that includes alligators. Feed the cattle animals with freshly plucked oranges and even take the oranges home, a great eco-tour for family and friends.

Babcock Ranch Eco Tours

Imagine touring over 70,000 acres of an awe-inspiring ranch with loads of flourishing wildlife. Babcock Ranch swamp buggy eco-tours promise a variety of wildlife sightings. You can expect to see an abundance of majestic American alligators along with plenty of cattle animals for petting. These include hogs, cows, turkeys, and goats. If you would like to know more about the animals at Babcock Ranch, make sure to check our blog on the natural wildlife you can expect to see at the ranch.

This tour also gives avid bird watchers a chance to witness a great variety of bird species, which include Sandhills, Cranes, and much more. Also, get up close and personal with exotic reptilian snakes and baby alligators, as the ranch offers you a chance to handle these native creatures.

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