If you aren’t quite sold on the concept of a swamp buggy tour because of questions like: “Are swamp buggy tours even that fun? Isn’t being that close to alligators a bit dangerous? Will we even see an alligator?!” — hold up! Because we’ve got the answers to bust those myths and get you excited for an upcoming swamp buggy tour!

Myth #1: Swamp Buggies Are Dangerous

If you follow the instructions given by your tour guide, you’ll be as safe as can be during your swamp buggy tour. Before you get on your swamp buggy tour, your guide will go over a few quick safety rules — but you really don’t need to worry!

We’ll keep a safe distance from wildlife during your tour, not only to keep your adventure stress-free and fun but also to respect the wildlife. The animals we will see are just as scared of you as you are of them, so we like to give them their space!

Myth #2: We Won’t See Any Wildlife on A Swamp Buggy Tour

No wildlife on a swamp buggy tour?! No way! You’re going to see some amazing wildlife and go home with some amazing stories after your swamp buggy experience! While we can’t guarantee you’ll see an elusive Florida Panther, we bet you’ll see some other amazing creatures like wild turkeys, caracara, soft shell turtles, magnificent osprey, Sandhill cranes, and fox squirrels – just to name a few.

Myth #3: Swamp Buggy Tours Are Only Fun for Kids

Swamp buggy tours offer something for everyone— not just the kiddos! One of the best parts of being an adult on a swamp buggy tour at Babcock Ranch is the appreciation you’ll have for the history of the area.

Our knowledgeable guides will immerse you in the 200+ year history of the ranch, starting with its founding as Crescent B Ranch in the late 1800s. From there, you’ll be brought up to speed on everything up to modern day times when 80% of the ranch lands were sold to the State of Florida and Lee County in the largest single land preservation purchase in state history.

Now that we’ve busted those common myths about swamp buggy tours— it’s time to book your adventure. Book your Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour online today! We look forward to having you aboard!