An ecosystem is a community of living things and the physical environment around them. Florida is home to a variety of freshwater, terrestrial (land), and coastal ecosystems! Find out the answer to a few common questions about these below!

What Is the Largest Ecosystem in Florida?

Pine Flatwoods represent about 50% of the land in Florida, making it the biggest ecosystem in the state! In these lands, you can find Florida panthers, black bears, bald eagles, and other variety of animals.

You can experience the Pine Flatwoods ecosystem on Florida wildlife eco-tours! At Babcock Ranch, our guides are knowledgeable about the animals and plants that call this ecosystem home and would love to share their knowledge with you on a 90-minute Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour!

What Makes Florida’s Ecosystems Special?

Florida’s ecosystems are rich and diverse, and each plays a very important role in the health of the environment. For example, Cypress Swamps are a type of ecosystem that protects our Florida communities during heavy rains and hurricane season. They also filter out toxic pollutants in the water like phosphorus and nitrogen and absorb excess water during flooding.

On our tours, you can experience the Cypress Swamps first-hand. You’ll learn more about this unique ecosystem and have the chance to see the beautiful animals that usually live in them, like alligators, river otters, wood storks, and more!

What Is Being Done to Protect Florida’s Ecosystems?

Preserving Florida’s ecosystems is incredibly important since they are home to many different species, some that are protected by law. The American alligator, for example, is protected by state and federal law so it is not overhunted. Other animals like the Florida Panther are protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act and can’t be hunted at all.

Florida Wildlife Eco-Tours at Babcock Ranch Preserve

Babcock Ranch Preserve is made up of about 70,000 acres of preserved land with great ecological value. These were sold to the state in 2005 as part of the “Florida Forever” program. This program was developed to protect Florida’s natural land and resources.

Our tours, give visitors a sneak peek of this preserved land in the hopes of creating awareness and appreciation for our native flora and fauna. We believe it’s important that people enjoy nature and learn more about the history and environment in Florida.

We invite you today to enjoy one of our Florida wildlife eco-tours so you can experience some of the ecosystems we talk about here. We are sure you will love it, book an eco-tour today!