Over the years, Babcock Ranch has seen quite a few owners and uses but thanks to the commitment to preservation, the land you tour today looks much similar to what it did in the 1800s!

On our eco-tours, we’ll take you through the early days of the Crescent B Ranch and its transformation to the present-day Babcock Ranch. Ready for a sneak peek? Here is a bit of history on one of the best Southwest Florida wildlife eco-tours.

The Early Days

The land at Babcock Ranch was purchased in the 1800s by Perry McAdow. After making his fortune in the Spotted Horse Gold Mines in Fergus County, McAdow sought out the warmer climates of Florida to call home!

The family settled down at what is present day Babcock Ranch but back then was called Crescent B Ranch. They set out to make their mark in the region by building businesses and beautifying downtown Punta Gorda.

In 1914, Edward Babcock became the owner of Crescent B Ranch and renamed it Babcock Ranch. Edward and his son Fred used the Ranch as the base for their timber business.

Becoming Preserved Land

After Fred Babcock died the property was put up for sale and in 2006, Kitson & Partners purchased the 156,000-acre ranch.  About 80% of the land was then sold to the State of Florida and Lee County to preserve most of the environmentally valuable areas of the ranch. In fact, this still ranks as the largest single land preservation purchase in the state’s history.

In 2015, management of the preserve changed hands from Kitson & Partners to Tarpon Blue Land and Resource Management. It remains a preserve and it is open to the public for hiking, hunting, cycling, and campaign.

See the History for Yourself

Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours brings this history to life. On our eco-tours, you’ll travel back in time to the Crescent B Ranch and learn about the ranch’s past cattle and timber industry. Along the way, you’ll see nature and wildlife firsthand, from wild turkeys and osprey to softshell turtles and caracara! Our guides are incredibly knowledgeable and would be happy to discuss any part of the land’s history that interests you most.

Join one of the most unique and engaging Southwest Florida wildlife eco-tours. Book Babcock Ranch Eco-Tour today and get your cameras ready for stunning views.