If you still haven’t done a Babcock Ranch Eco-Tour, there is much you are missing out on. From a selection of trails to swamp buggy tours through Florida’s wetlands, there is plenty to see and do. Check out the list of our favorite things to do at Babcock Ranch Eco Tours.

Visit the Gator Shack

Who doesn’t love good food? We sure do! Visit out Gator Shack to enjoy some southern cuisine. One of our guest’s favorites is the gator bites! We have plenty of options like ribs, sandwiches, and delicious desserts.

Make sure you try our peanut butter pie to get a taste of heaven. Not a peanut butter lover? No problem, our key lime pie is another one of our favorites.

Visit Our Museum

Stop by our cozy museum to learn about the history of Babcock Ranch. Purchased by the Perry McAdow family in the 1800s, there is plenty of history behind the 73,000+ acres of preserved land.

Walk Our Trails

Get closer to nature with our hiking trails. They are cost-free and will give you a closer look at the palmetto prairie. Depending on the time of the year, you will experience the wetlands by getting your feet wet.

The trails require navigation and you can be fooled by side trails, so it is tricky to get to the starting point. But who doesn’t love a little adventure? The trails are marked so you will have something to guide you.

Don’t forget your camera! You will see many rare Florida bird species such as woodpeckers and swallow-tailed kites.

Hop on the Swamp Buggy

The swamp buggy eco-tour is our guests’ favorite. It is a 90-minute ride through the wildlife at Babcock Ranch.  In the tour, you will travel through the Crescent B Ranch and learn the history of the land.

This tour will take you through the different ecosystems at Babcock Ranch where you will see owls, wild boars, wild turkeys, fox squirrels, alligators, and many other animals native of the Florida wildlife. With 13 species under protection by state and federal law, you will get to see animals that are no longer abundant in other parts of the country.

Stop by Our Gift Shop

Visit our gift shop and take a little souvenir with you. We have plenty of options for the family from clothing to stuffed animals to our signature hot sauce.

We have fun and educational books for adults and children about Florida history and wildlife. Have you ever heard of “A Land Remembered?” We highly recommended if you are ready to take a trip down the history of Southwest Florida.

Ready to Visit Us?

Now that you know about all the things you can do at Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours; you should visit us! Whether it is to navigate our walking trails or to take a tour on our swamp buggy, we will be happy to have you.

Check out the different tours we have available, and book yours today!