Taking a swamp buggy tour in Fort Myers or the surrounding area is a great way to see the diversity of Florida’s wildlife! Here are a few tips to see the more elusive wildlife on your swamp buggy tour in the Fort Myers area.

Let your guide know what you’re most interested in seeing

Do you have a specific type of animal you’d like to see on your swamp buggy tour in Fort Myers? Let your tour guide know! The expert guides at Babcock Ranch Eco Tours are well aware of many animals’ favorite hideouts and can help you seek out those hard-to-spot or difficult-to-find critters!

Quietly take it all in

Oftentimes, if you stay still and quiet, you will be aware much more aware of the wildlife around you! This is especially true for hearing and spotting birds but is also true for spotting larger animals as well. While the swamp buggy is on the move— chat all you’d like! However, when you make stops, take the time to quietly take it all in and see what you find.

Take more than one tour

Just ask your guide— no two tours are ever the same! The more times you take a swamp buggy tour in Fort Myers, the more likely you are to spot different animals. Try taking tours at different times of day, during different seasons, and even during different weather. Each time you are likely to have a completely different experience even if you take the same route on your swamp buggy tour!

Book Your Swamp Buggy Tour Near Fort Myers

Start your wildlife spotting adventure by booking a swamp buggy tour near Fort Myers! Babcock Ranch Eco Tours is conveniently located in Punta Gorda and offers year-round swamp buggy eco-tours. Visit the live calendar to see available dates, times, and prices for booking your 90-minute swamp buggy tour!