Florida provides you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. It offers visitors the immaculate biodiversity of the planet earth. You can dive into the great blue sea and witness the spectacular marine life or go on a trail and see an array of bird species and reptiles.

The sunshine state is an ideal location for all the outdoorsy and adventurous personalities, who crave an eco-friendly wildlife tour. There are plenty of options for Florida wildlife eco-tours, here we will discuss our top four favorites.

Back Water Adventure’s Eco Tour

This is an amazing eco-tour for people fond of marine wildlife. It involves driving your watercraft, which is primarily a Craig-cat. An interactive eco-tour in which you navigate the 10,000 islands located in Orlando. This tour provides you an opportunity to drive to the backwaters of Marco Island, where you can spot wonderful birds, manatees, and dolphins.

Florida Everglades Airboat Tour from Fort Lauderdale

Florida’s Everglades are worth exploring, the grassy green waters offer an ecosystem that is rich in life. From Fort Lauderdale, you can explore the Everglade by an airboat ride with a tour guide to best understand the history and fun facts about this place.

Furthermore, there is plenty of wildlife here, with the most essential sight being alligators. Not only that, but this tour also includes an alligator show after the ride.

Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour in Titusville

This is one of the most impressive Florida wildlife eco-tours.  At Titusville, you can discover the surreal bioluminescence. This kayak tour lasts about an hour, in which you get to witness how tiny algae magnificently illuminate the river. You will stand in awe when you come across the fish swimming in blue-lit waters.

Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours

If you happen to be in Fort Myers, FL, you should head on over to Punta Gorda. An amazing adventure waits for you at Babcock Ranch. Babcock Ranch Eco Tours allows you to experience Florida’s wildlife like never before. You can wander around the cattle ranch, take a breath of fresh air, and do plenty of other entertaining things.

You can also jump on a swamp buggy tour and experience the different ecosystems. You can expect to see an abundance of wildlife such as alligators, hogs, deer, and a great variety of birds.

Ready to Go on a Florida Wildlife Eco Tour?

If you are ready to explore Florida wildlife eco-tours, come take a swamp buggy tour at Babcock Ranch Eco Tours! We also offer walking tours, or you can go explore our trails at your own pace. Either way, we guarantee you to have a great time. Book your tour today!

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