If your stomach starts growling on a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, you don’t have to hoof it all the way back to Punta Gorda to find some great eats. Just head to the Gator Shack Restaurant and try out one of these amazing dishes!

Alligator Sampler

On your Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, did you get so hungry that you started wondering what the wildlife on your tour might taste like? Well, you can find out at Babcock Ranch’s Gator Shack Restaurant! There you’ll find alligator on the menu. To get some variety in the alligator meat you try, we recommend ordering an alligator sampler!

“Gator is by far our favorite choice, it is tender and juicy unlike any gator I’ve ever had,” said Google reviewer Dale N. 

Alligator Bites

Unsure if you’ll like the taste of alligator? Instead of ordering a whole alligator meal, just order an alligator side! The Gator Shack Restaurant alligator bites are breaded, fried, and absolutely delicious. Even the pickiest eaters will love this tasty treat!

“The food was delicious, and you get a lot for a good price! My kids LOVED the gator bites,” said Google reviewer KF. 

Special of the Day

For an extra special dish at the Gator Shack Restaurant, opt for the special! The special changes every day. That means no matter how many times you hop aboard a Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour, you’ll be greeted with a unique and delicious meal afterward. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Gator Shack Restaurant also offers delicious BBQ pork ribs!

Swamp Heat BBQ Sauce

Speaking of BBQ pork ribs, what BBQ sauce are you going to add to your meal? If you ask someone in the kitchen, they’ll probably recommend adding the Swamp Heat BBQ Sauce. Try it out on just about any meal in-house— we bet you’ll love it!

“The food was excellent!! Best gator I have ever had. My boyfriend had the pulled pork sandwich, it was huge, and the swamp heat BBQ sauce was really good,” said Google Reviewer Cherie Z.

Homemade Pie

Don’t leave the Gator Shack Restaurant without trying out one of the delicious homemade pies! Every day you’ll be welcomed with mouth-watering fruit flavors, like key lime pie, and tasty cream pie options, like peanut butter cream pie. Don’t forget to add ice cream to your dessert order too!