You may have heard the term “Old Florida” mentioned as you’ve travelled around the state— but what does it really mean? Here’s a deep dive into what people mean when they refer to “Old Florida”, where you can learn more about “Old Florida”, and how you can embrace the “Old Florida” lifestyle during your visit to the sunshine state.

What Is Old Florida?

Old Florida can mean quite a lot of different things for local Floridians when they look back on the “good ole days.” Old Florida signifies simpler times, before mega resorts, cruise ships, and theme parks. They were the days when Floridians felt more connected with nature and the world around them. The days where you waved to everyone you saw in the street, kids played barefoot in the yard, and you’d pluck oranges off a tree for a mid-afternoon snack!

Where To Learn About Old Florida

A Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy tour is a great way to learn about “Old Florida”! On the tour you’ll learn about the humble beginnings of the area, known as the Crescent B Ranch in the late 1800s. Your guide will tell you the true story of the Perry McAdow family leaving the gold mines of Montana behind in search of warm weather in Florida. From there, you can begin to get a sense of what living in Old Florida might have felt like— and that’s just the beginning of the story.

Embracing The Old Florida Lifestyle

Leave the cruise ship and theme parks behind! A swamp buggy tour is also a great way to embrace the Old Florida lifestyle of simpler times, connected to the world around you. The 90-minute tour will take you around Florida’s beautiful ecosystems and allow you to get up close and personal with local wildlife. You’ll experience nature and the Old Florida way of life like you’ve never seen it before.

Your swamp buggy awaits! Book your Babcock swamp buggy tour online and get ready to find out what Old Florida is all about! Our tours are available for all ages and available 7 days a week. We look forward to seeing you onboard!