Are you prepared for a can’t miss adventure?! As you jump onboard your swamp buggy, prepare yourself for the road ahead! In the next 90 minutes, you will be travelling back in time— but then one of  Southwest Florida’s native species may look you in the eye, propelling you back into the present day! Are you ready to hear more about what’s in store?

A Trip Back in Time

The history of Babcock Ranch is rich. You’ll find it easy to immerse yourself in the stories of the early 1900s when the Babcock family began managing the 156,000 ranch below your very feet. The renamed Babcock Ranch served as the base for the family’s timber business, the most prominent end-users being the diamond mines in South Africa that used the pine-based pitch to ward off termites. And that’s only just the beginning of what you’ll learn.

Wildlife Around Each Corner

As you wind through your tour, you never know what will be waiting around the corner. A deer, perhaps? Maybe a wild hog? Even a sighting of a Florida Panther is rare but possible during your swamp buggy tour!

A New Appreciation for Southwest Florida

Before your 90-minute swamp buggy tour comes to an end, you are sure to be amazed by something you saw along the journey. You’ll have traveled through four different ecosystems of Florida including Telegraph Cypress Swamp and had the opportunity to come within yards of some of Southwest Florida’s most majestic wildlife. We hope by the end of your journey you will walk away with a new appreciation for all that Southwest Florida has to offer and Babcock Ranch is working to preserve.

Book Your Tickets Today

Our words can’t do it justice— you’ll just have to book a Swamp Buggy Eco Tour for yourself to truly understand the beauty you’ll see along the ride! Booking your Swamp Buggy Eco Tour tickets is easy on our website, with bookings showing real time availability! And if you have a group of 20 or more, give us a call! We’d be happy to offer you special discount pricing.