Looking for something unique and special to do in the evening? How about checking out a nighttime wildlife tour in the area! Even if you’ve already gone on a wildlife tour, you’ll be shocked at how much different the experience is at night. Here’s why.

Many of Florida’s Animals Are More Active at Night

A night tour is a wonderful way to appreciate nature— just as many animals are waking up! Many birds, insects, and mammals are more nocturnal to avoid predators or human activity. A few animals you may be more likely to see at night include raccoons, owls— and even the Florida Panther!

You’re More Likely to Hear the Wildlife

The natural Florida landscape may catch you by surprise at night— it can get pretty noisy out there! The wildlife may raise their voices as they try to attract mates, forage for food, communicate with one another, or ward off predators. You may also notice these sounds more because you don’t have as much outside noise from other humans at night. So, stay quiet and alert— you are sure to hear many of Florida’s native animals singing, chirping, croaking, and moving around on your wildlife tour!

You’ll Gain New Perspective

If you’ve already gone on a Florida wildlife tour during the day, you may be surprised how much different your wildlife tour is at night! Focusing less on your sight and more on your other senses will give you a whole different perspective of the environment around you. In fact, on a Babcock Ranch eco-tour, we discourage the use of flashlights to help you rely on your other senses. Our guides will help you navigate around and focus in on wildlife along the Boardwalk and Gator Bridge with a spotlight. However, try to rely more on your ears for a more unique experience!

Nighttime Wildlife Tours Near Me

If you are in search of nighttime wildlife tours in Southwest Florida, look no further than the historic Babcock Ranch! Our 90-minute Sounds of the Night Tour is offered the last Saturday of the month at 5:30 pm. This one-of-a-kind guided wildlife tour is the perfect way to listen to the frogs, owls, gators, and other animals in the Florida ecosystems. Just make sure you book your ticket ahead of time, as this tour requires reservations. Tickets for adults are $24, with discounts for children and seniors available. See real-time availability of nighttime tour tickets online and get instant confirmation when you book!