Mammals, reptiles, birds— you’ll probably see a bit of it all on your 90-minute Swamp Buggy Tour! Here are a few fan favorites that call Babcock Ranch home.

American Alligator

Your trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least an alligator or two! During your Swamp Buggy Tour keep your eyes peeled for these fascinating reptiles— often you’ll see them relaxing in shallow waters or soaking up the sun on dry land. Alligators are one of Florida’s most loved species. We think you’ll truly enjoy watching them from the safety of your Swamp Buggy!


Did you know that you can see Osprey any time of year on a Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy Tour? While most North American Osprey head south to South and Central America during the winter— in Florida, these beautiful birds stay year-round! During your Swamp Buggy Tour, you may be able to catch a glimpse of an Osprey hunting in the water or nesting in large trees at the ranch. Not sure you have the eye to spot an Osprey in the wild? Not to worry! All of Babcock Ranch’s Swamp Buggy Tours come with an expert guide. They know the favorite hangout spots of the local birds and will be able to point them out to you!

Florida Panther

Florida panthers are one of the state’s most elusive creatures— but it’s not completely impossible to see one on your Swamp Buggy Tour! While there are less than 200 panthers believed to be living in Florida, you can see their habitat and learn more about this endangered species on the tour. When you hop aboard, you can ask your knowledgeable guide all sorts of questions about the Florida Panther. They will be able to share some fun facts and point out different habitats in Babcock Ranch where a Florida Panther may visit or live!

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