Florida has an abundance of fishing opportunities and bodies of water you can get out and fish on! So how do you decide which of these fishing locations is best for you? This guide will help you decide on the best places to go fishing in Florida based on your fishing goals!

Lakes: Perfect for novice fisherman

For the novice fisherman, Florida’s gorgeous lakes are a great place to start. For example, professional fishing guides love bringing new fishermen to Babcock Lake in Punta Gorda. One of the biggest draws of this lake is that you can easily rent watercraft and fishing gear to get out on the water, even if you don’t come with a guide! Not to mention you can catch some pretty monster bass in these waters. Additionally, you don’t have to end your outdoor adventure after your fishing trip. Head down to Babcock Ranch Eco Tours to get more information on the different fish habitats in the area and learn about other animals who call this area home!

Mangrove shorelines: The dream for experienced anglers

Florida’s mangrove shorelines offer some legendary fishing— especially for the experienced fisherman. These areas can be a bit difficult to fish for the same reason fish love hiding out here— there are plenty of roots and limbs for fish to hide in and for your lure to get caught in. For that reason, these waters are ideal for fishermen with a strong side-arm cast and a knack for parsing out those deeper holes where fish hide out. With these skills and a little bit of luck, many fishermen walk away from mangrove shorelines with impressive redfish, trout, and snook catches!

The ocean: All types of fishermen!

If you haven’t been deep sea ocean fishing in Florida— you’re missing out! The type of fish you’ll catch on a deep-sea adventure is dependent on where along the coast you decide to fish but both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico offer fantastic deep-sea fishing opportunities. One of the biggest “lures” to deep-sea fishing is the fact that you can catch fish that rarely venture close to shore. This includes catches like sailfish and marlin as well as barracudas and grouper!