There’s no such thing as bad weather for an eco-tour! Rain or shine, you are bound to see some interesting animals, landscapes, flowers, and more on the adventure.  Here are a few specific things you can expect based on the weather on the day of your ecotour:

A Little Rain Doesn’t Scare the Wildlife!

Worried that a rainy eco tour may mean the wildlife will be hidden away? Luckily, this isn’t the case! Many animals, such as amphibians, become more active when moisture hits! This is especially true for animals that enjoy spending time both in and out of the water. However, birds, deer, and other animals are often out rain or shine.

The Weather Affects When Plants Grow

If temperatures are warmer than usual, you’ll want to book your eco-tour sooner rather than later! That’s because temperatures warmer than average can cause plants to bloom or mature early. However, if the temperatures get too cold or too hot, that can mean plants grow slower than normal. In general, the best time to see the wildflowers bloom on an ecotour is following the first warm rain of the year. Generally, that’s somewhere between March and May!

You’ll Find More Alligators on Cooler Days

Trying to see lots of alligators on your ecotour? Come out to Babcock Ranch on a cooler day! When alligators are hot, they cool off in the water and are harder to spot. However, when the temperatures dip, they’ll be out sunbathing and easy to find. How many alligators can you spot on your ecotour?

You’ll See Something Interesting— No Matter the Weather!

Rain or shine, hot or cold — you’re sure to find at least a few things that pique your interest on a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour! There are plenty of animals, flowers, and beautiful landscapes to admire on your walk or Swamp Buggy Tour. Learn more about the types of tours and what types of animals you’re most likely to encounter on your adventure here.