Conservation efforts aren’t just important on large swathes of land. Backyard conservation matters too! Here are a few tips for how you can keep nature healthy on your own property:

Plant Native Flowers and Trees

There are plenty of beautiful plants that are native to Florida! Planting these native flowers and trees is not only a great backyard conservation effort, but they will likely require less maintenance too. That’s because these native plants evolved to survive against predators and weather events common in the state. For example, many native Florida plants thrive in hurricane conditions and don’t mind salty water!

Conserve Water in your Backyard

Make the most out of rainy days by harvesting rainwater in your backyard! The rainwater you collect can be used to water your flowers, garden, and lawn. Speaking of lawns, another great way to conserve water in your backyard is to limit the amount of lawn space you have. Instead, plant native gardens, and wildflowers, or put down artificial turf in small sections of your backyard.

Make Your Own Compost

Composting is a great backyard conservation effort that will help your trees, flowers, and plants thrive. All you need to do is build a trench in one of your garden beds, fill it with your kitchen waste, and cover it with dirt again. Your garden will surely love you for it!

Gain An Understanding of the Local Environment

To gain a better understanding of backyard conservation, you may first want to gain a better understanding of larger conservation efforts in your community! For example, a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour will give you a wealth of information about Southwestern Florida’s conservation history as well as ideas for native plants you could plant in your own backyard!

To learn more about Babcock Ranch’s conservation history and to book your eco tour, click here.