There are plenty of Florida wildlife tours and beaches where you can connect with nature. So, if you are searching to interact with the flora and fauna, here we have put together 5 things to do in Fort Myers, Florida.

1.      Manatees Park

Other than the American alligator, Florida is famous for manatees. These are slow-moving, adorable vegetarian behemoths and Fort Myers has one of the best places to see them up-close.

You will find Manatee Park near Florida Power and Light electricity stations. There is no fee to enter the park, and you only need to pay for the parking. You should visit this park during the winter when the temperatures drop below 65 degrees as it is the best time to spot manatees.

2.      Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

This refuge center is near Fort Myers on the southwest coast of Florida. Here, many biologists help the colony of Florida panthers reproduce and retain their numbers. This has been a panther refuge center for more than 30 years.

You will find a lot of information in this exhibition center about these predator cats. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and share interesting facts throughout this unique experience.

3.      Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium

The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is home to rescue animals, butterflies, and bird aviaries. It is the only Southwest Florida planetarium theater.

Here, you can gather informative knowledge and explore the trails along with your little ones. They also have outdoor animal exhibits and live animal shows too.

4.      Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

This four-mile cove ecological preserve is located near Cape Coral. They offer amazing activities for tourists. If you want to burn calories while exploring, this place should be on your list. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of this ecological pathway. This area is quite peaceful and usually doesn’t have a lot of traffic.

5.      J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge

This 8,000-acre national wildlife refuge center takes its name from a political activist. This area is on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers. On half of this island is a mangrove forest full of ospreys, alligators, and a lot of different fish. This is a great place to enjoy the view of the beach and the other small islands.

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