Wildlife needs shelter, water, and food as part of an ideal habitat so they can thrive. Animals around Florida, such as black bears and bobcats or tiny insects, are interdependent and need native plants to survive.

On Florida wildlife tours you can easily spot different native plants with foods such as fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. These plants not only provide food for other species, but they provide shelter as well.

Here we discuss why these native plants are important and we name the most common in Florida.

Why Native Plants Are Important

1.      Provide Food and Shelter

Native plants provide shelter and food to other native species. Many animals rely on these plants to thrive in this habitat.

2.      Promote Biodiversity

Native plants attract a variety of other native animals including butterflies, birds, and mammals. This diversifies the species in the habitat and helps keep the ecosystem alive.

3.      Protect from Natural Disasters

Native plants are used to the local environment. They often protect us and other species from storm run-off and flooding. They are meant to provide shelter, so they help lessen the impact of storms.

Four Native Plants in Florida Wildlife Tour

1.      Florida Anise

You will find these native plants in the wild of Northwest Florida, mostly around the coastal plains. These shrubs are evergreen with scarlet blooms. You will love resting near these plants are they are pest resistant.

2.      Sabal Palm

These are the best tropical and sub-tropical plants in Florida wildlife tours. They are also known as cabbage palm, palmetto, and cabbage palmetto. These plants can handle strong winds from hurricanes.

3.      White Fringetrees 

This is another plant often found in  Florida wildlife tours. White Fingertrees are best for shelter and offer space to rest for a lot of animals. You will mostly find these in places with plenty of sun exposure and well-drained soil.

4.      Butterflyweed

These native plants boast orange blooms and can tolerate drought. They attract butterflies, bumblebees, and hummingbirds. They are often found in open woods and prairies.

Ready to See Florida Native Plants?

At Babcock Ranch Eco Tours you can experience Florida’s native environment.  You can expect to see not only native plants but animals such as alligators, birds, deer, etc., from close-up.

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