White Ibises are an incredibly beautiful bird native to Southwest Florida. These wading birds have bright red legs during breeding season, distinctive curved bills, and beautiful, black-edged wings that are normally only noticeable while they are in flight. Here are a few more fun facts about White Ibises you should know before seeing them up close and personal on a wildlife tour near you.

White Ibises Are Incredibly Social Birds

White Ibises tend to hang out in large colonies with thousands of other birds. However, they don’t limit themselves to spending time with just other White Ibises. These birds can also be found wandering the South Florida waterways with egrets and other wading birds. Egrets especially love tagging along with White Ibises because the Ibises stir up the waters and allow egrets to catch prey without much effort.

You’ll Find White Ibises in A Variety of Locations in Southwest Florida

If you’re wondering, “will I even see White Ibises on wildlife tours near me in Florida?” — the answer is likely a resounding yes. White Ibises live in Florida year-round and can be found in just about any type of marshy area. You may see them wading in saltwater, freshwater, or even brackish waters. They are known to hang out in mudflats, mangroves, swamps, lagoons, rice fields, and more. However, if you are worried you won’t see the White Ibis during your trip, let your tour guide know you’d really appreciate them pointing any out along the tour, so you don’t miss any potential sightings!

You Can See White Ibises Up Close on a Florida Eco Tour

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