White-tailed deer are one of the more common mammals you’ll see wandering around Florida! However, for the best chance to see one of these deer, you’ll want to search for “wildlife tours near me” and book an eco-tour in their habitat! Here are a few facts you should know before you go on your tour:

 Where Florida White-Tailed Deer Get Their Name

If you see a calm or relaxed white-tailed deer on one of the wildlife tours near you, you might not understand where its name comes from. Their tails are dark brown! But if that deer spots a threat, you’ll quickly understand the name. White-tailed deer (sometimes just called “whitetails”) are named from the color of the underside of their tails, not the outside color you see when their tails are down. The white on their tails is used to alert other nearby deer of danger— almost like a little flag!

Male vs. Female Florida White-Tailed Deer

Would you be able to spot the difference between a male vs. female Florida white-tailed deer if you saw one on a wildlife tour near you? You may think, “well male deer have antlers!” While this is true, part of the year, deer shed their antlers in the late winter and early spring. However, even when their antlers are gone, you’ll still notice a buck (or male deer) is much larger than a doe (a female deer). Florida white-tailed bucks can reach just under 200 lbs, whereas the average doe is about half that size!

You Can Snag the Chance To See One In The Wild!

You may be wondering, “are there ways to see Florida white-tailed deer on tours near me?” If you are in the Punta Gorda area, the answer is a resounding yes! Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours offers a variety of fabulous swamp buggy and walking tours that give you the chance to spot Florida white-tailed deer in the wild. Not only do these white-tailed deer call the 70,000+ acre preserve home, but they are also commonly spotted on our tours. Up your chances of seeing one of these gorgeous deer by taking one of the eco-tour options at Babcock Ranch that comes with a guide. The guides are not only knowledgeable about the area’s history, and common spots to see certain animals— they also have an eagle eye for spotting animals you might otherwise miss!

Ready to book your tour and get your chance to see a Florida white-tailed deer in the wild? View all the Babcock Ranch options for wildlife tours near you on the Babcock Ranch Eco-Tour website. Once you’ve found the best tour option for you, booking online is simple and quick. We look forward to seeing you at the ranch soon!