As you hop up on a Swamp Buggy Eco Tour at Babcock Ranch, you’ll find yourself in a photographer’s paradise! Here are the top photography tips to make the most out of your Southwest Florida adventure:

Bring The Best Camera You Own

On the Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy Eco-Tours you are bound to take at least one photo you love so much that you want to blow it up and frame it on your wall! That’s why one of our top photography tips is to come prepared with your best camera. While your phone may be great for Social Media pics, a DSLR camera would be even better to show off the detail in the photos you take!

Make Your Photography Goals Known

The knowledgeable guides on the Babcock Ranch Swamp Buggy Tours are more than happy to help visitors snap the perfect photos! When you hop aboard the swamp buggy, let your guide know what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to capture a specific bird, a beautiful flower, or a stealthy critter— the guides are eager to make your photography dreams a reality!

Let Your Guide Know If You Spot Something

Your Swamp Buggy Eco Tour guide knows where to find many of the most picturesque views for you to take photos at Babcock Ranch. However, if you spot a perfect photo op that your tour guide hasn’t pointed out yet— one of our top photography tips is to give them a heads-up! Your tour guide may be able to stop the buggy so you can get that perfect shot.

Wait Until the Swamp Buggy Comes To A Stop

We know that our eco-tour guests get excited to see the amazing flora and fauna around Babcock Ranch — but wait a second for the buggy to stop before snapping your shot! The best pictures come when the buggy isn’t bouncing around the swamp and prairie lands. We guarantee you’ll get much fewer blurry shots when you wait for the buggy’s wheels to stop rolling.

Take Multiple Tours

The wildlife at Babcock Ranch isn’t limited by enclosures and they aren’t told where to be or when to be there. They are truly wild! That means every time you take a Babcock Ranch Eco-Tour, you are bound to see something new. For example, you’ll get new perspectives on a “Sounds of the Night” walking tour, see different animals each time you take a Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour, and appreciate gorgeous flowers in each changing season— regardless of the tour you take!


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