Becoming a great artist doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen exclusively from the comfort of your couch at home! Here are a few ways getting out into nature on an eco-tour can help you become a better artist:

Developing a sense of curiosity

A healthy dose of curiosity can help to break down mental barriers in creative energy. An eco-tour is a great way to unleash that sense of curiosity by learning about the world around you. Many Babcock Ranch Eco Tours come with a guide so you can feed your curiosity by asking endless questions about the flora, fauna, and history of the environment surrounding you!

Finding inspiration in nature

During an eco-tour, pay attention to the beauty all around you. Nature can be incredibly inspiring for any aspiring artist! Whether the subject matter for your artwork is the natural world or not, you can still find unexpected inspiration in nature.

Exploring new mediums

While you may love one specific art medium, it’s important to be well-rounded as an artist. For example, if you love painting— this doesn’t mean you should exclusively paint. How about taking a specialty photography eco-tour at Babcock Ranch to test out another artistic skill? You may find you love this art form more than you originally anticipated!

 Discovering your own style

A great artist doesn’t mimic other great artists— they come up with their own style! An eco-tour can assist you in developing your sense of self in your artwork. For example, pay attention to what may be both beautiful, but widely overlooked subject matter on eco-tours. While most people scramble to look at a nearby alligator, do you find yourself drawn to how a butterfly lands on a nearby flower petal? What about this action draws you to it? How can you capture what makes this moment so beautiful so others are drawn to it too?

Giving yourself the space to practice

Practicing your trade is the best way to become better at it. Self-guided eco-tours, like the walking tour at Babcock Ranch, allow you to enjoy nature at your own pace. During your tour, whip out a notepad, or even a canvas, and work away! You’ll find plenty of opportunities on your tour to draw, paint, and depict the world around you.

Making the journey fun

Your journey to becoming an artist shouldn’t just be hard work— it should be fun! An eco-tour can make the process of self-improvement as an artist more enjoyable, which in turn gives you more inspiration to reach your goals!